“Fun With Sockie” is a book available on Amazon.com but is now an Apple App at the Itunes Store for $1.99.  
(Search for "Fun with Sockie")  This is a great App for a pre-school child or older.  The App reads the Book "Fun
With Sockie" to the child.  The child can also color every other page with their finger.  Every other page come
apart and the child can put the page back together like a puzzle.  The book App shows 23 bright colorful photos of
Sockie doing fun things such as learning his ABC’s, how to count and one page even shows Sockie with an aluminum
can in his mouth as Sockie likes to recycle.  Sockie also enjoys sports like baseball, soccer, basketball and
football.  Sockie plays with toys, celebrates his Birthday and likes to dress up like Cowboy  Sockie.  Sockie enjoys
the holidays as he celebrates Independence Day, hunts Easter eggs and dresses up like Santa Sockie.   The book
App also gives the parent, grandparent or teacher an opportunity to interact with a child in a fun way by using
something as simple as a sock puppet. “Fun with Sockie” is a book that any child two years old through elementary
school age and even adults will laugh at and enjoy.  
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